IT-Ops is all you need support, consultation and management of IT and DevOps environments.
The IT and DevOps worlds are full with all sort of new and exciting technologies, Yet old environments.
IT-Ops feels that old environments and new technologies can work together to benefit your company, they just need a tender hand from someone who will care about your environment and treat it with the care and knowledge that will benefit your business and give you ease of mind regarding all your IT environment and all your DevOps automation.

About the Founder: Liron Cohen

Liron Cohen

Liron has been in the IT Game for more then 12 years,
doing Automation before it was cool 🙂
In the past handling large amount of servers (in the hundreds), Storage, complex Network environments and Open Source projects.
Today handling large environment of cloud, automation, containers and opensource projects.
Liron believes that IT should be automated, monitored and well documented – resulting in sturdy and easy to maintain environment that can be easily reproduced, expand or restored.