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MarkDown – Documentation in Style with Table Of Content (oneliner solution)

I am quite a documents aficionado, I take care to make sure any of my projects are well documented and easy to be used in the future, for others and me too – we all forget what we did a year ago especially the small details – that is why I feel the most important […]

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Python textwrap – Wrap your text to terminal size

Following the last post “Python textwrap – Fix Your Multiline Strings Indentations” – where we learned how to fix the indentation caused by the python indentation standards. In this post I want to show you how to create a wrap to your text that support multiline and smart indent. This might sound old to you […]

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Python textwrap – Fix Your Multi-Line Strings Indentation

I’ve been writing a lot in python the last couple of months and most of my code is for a CLI oriented environment (Mostly Linux/Unix shell). One of the most important things when you create CLI is the help and usage string – Mostly because other people will try to use it – But lets […]

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Storage handling with users in Linux – or – The Land of Forgotten Inodes

In my years in IT I’ve handled a lot of storage (proprietary and open source solutions). But one of the main issues that I had (beside design of large storage and backup) is the rouge user/script/program – sometime one of them will act up and fill the storage with large amount of files or one […]

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Apache HTTPD config check – Or – Check that damn engine before I try to fly this bird!

Although large amount of alternative web servers a lot of the web services out there still use Apache httpd software. I will not go into why choose Apache httpd and how, but I like to share a  small issue I had with configuration check of my service. As IT personnel who worked in a production […]

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The Curious of the missing LDAP Groups Issue with new groups in LDAP

LDAP is a wonderful way to handle all your company employees users. I’ve been using it for a long time and just like the easy way to handle it and how users can be authenticated via the LDAP directory all threw our intranet sites (Ticket manager, Wiki, Tools and more). A month ago I had […]

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Google Drive – Where all my free space gone?

Few years ago after several critical storage catastrophes (that fortunately ended with no data lost) I’ve decides to move my most important files to the cloud (mainly my and my family photos) After checking several cloud storage providers I’ve decided on Google (back then I think drive was non existent or at beta) to backup […]

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The Curious Case of Missing Quota Report on Volume

A week ago one of my old colleagues ask some help with an error he has on one of his servers, I was happy to oblige. He had several servers all working exactly the same, same hardware, same OS and same configuration (apart from IP’s). One of his server crashed and after the reboot one […]

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MySQL Why Won’t you Dump already!

Few weeks ago I started up a project migrating a development mysql to the production environment. Doing this change included a lot of tests and updates I wanted to do for a long time. The short story is that I migrated user defined mysql data (permissions and triggers was vetted before) to Master Slave on […]

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