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Few years ago after several critical storage catastrophes (that fortunately ended with no data lost) I’ve decides to move my most important files to the cloud (mainly my and my family photos)

After checking several cloud storage providers I’ve decided on Google (back then I think drive was non existent or at beta) to backup all my pictures to Picasa.
The plan was very good: Legacy Plan 80G for 20$ a year – for something with the features of the drive and more this price is very good.
After Google Drive was working on my desktop I’ve deserted Picasa as my photos backup and just save the directory to my Google Drive (I like to sort things my own way).

A few days ago I’ve added bunch of files to my drive and got an error: The space almost run out!
I was puzzled why no storage available – my drive isn’t 80G nor my mail or Picasa should be large enough.

So I’ve started to check,
Google give you a simple tool to check you storage allocations in: https://www.google.com/settings/storage
So I’ve entered there and looked at the storage distribution I had on my Google account:
Gmail: ~3G
Google + Photos (Guessing this is instead of Picasa): ~6G
Google Drive: ~87G

Wait a second! I don’t have that much files in my Google Drive directory! I’ve went to my local computer and check – yes! My Google Drive directory weigh ~58G – So why Google Storage cry about more space?

After long time that I’ve puzzled over this I’ve found what was the issue: Google Drive have something called “Trash”! – When you delete a file your Google Drive saves the file to your Google Drive Trash!

I’ve entered the web interface and just emptied the trash.

Resolving this would be a lot easier if the Google Drive web interface can show storage use in it’s directories.

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